Long Exposure Photography

  I feel that the art of long exposure photography is often overlooked , This type of Photography i think  , gives a view of the world around us in a way which the Human eye does not normally see . A Range of filters is required during daylight hours , I normally use a […]

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Photography Wind ups

1 . Stupid watermarks on even worse images , Why do some people insist on putting indiscrete watermarks their photos  that take up quarter of the page or even worse plonk it right in the middle of the photo ! – I look at some of these and sit there thinking why would anyone want […]

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Photographers with Letters !

Being relatively new to photography and with my club having recently joined the  NWPA I noticed a few photographers with letters after their name , I wondered what all these stood for and how good a photographer would i have to be gain some after my name After much googling and research it would appear […]

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