Photography Grouch First Mutterings

My first blog post – This will be my general thoughts on various aspects of Photography

About Myself & Photography

After taking up photography 3 years ago and being bitten by the bug  I wanted to get more from my photography so I tried a local club  which advertised itself as being friendly and all visitors warmly welcomed  I found this not to be the case and found them to be very patronising , treating all newcomers  as having no knowledge of photography whatsoever and  they were/are  obsessed with competitions, there were a few decent photographers in the club but these were  very big fish in a very small pond ! needless to say that didn’t last long .I looked for other clubs in the local area  and after a few enquiries on social media sites & emails –  having had no replies I decided to start a new  Camera club in Prestatyn North Wales There had been a club in Prestatyn  previously but it had been disbanded some time ago ) the club is called Prestatyn & District Camera club  aka Prestatyn Toggers

(interestingly a few members of the new club have had the same experience with the “other” local club  and left for the same reasons i did )

We currently have about 20 members with various skill levels , some active , some not so   for various reasons , most are people i know or have met through social media and a few have seen the club advertised locally and joined

We started life in refurbished toilet block in Prestatyn ( the price was right)  we have now moved to the Kings Hall in Prestatyn which is a drastic improvement

We have had guest speakers and had studio nights with guest models and things are going well – watch this space

Thoughts on future blogs

1. Letters after Photographers names & Salons

2. Things that wind me up with Photographers & Photography





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